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GSM/GPRS Terminal Card

GSM/GPRS Terminal Card

Upgrade your Ingenico 5100 with wireless connectivity to the Internet World. Datecs GPRS modem plug-in card for Ingenico 5100 is your best choice for avoiding the disadvantages of the dial-up connection. DATECS GPRS modem plug-in card is based on the most reliable GSM/GPRS module in the industry - the Wavecom Q24PLUS.
Datecs offers a fully integrated GSM/GPRS solution with a full featured TCP/IP stack and AT commands.

• Small size plug-in card that fits into any Ingenico 5100 terminal without any hardware changes required.
• Advance GPRS capabilities class 10
• Quad band allows you to use the module all over the World
• Open AT plug-ins - TCP/IP, Internet, GTi Mono etc.

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