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A new generation of portable data terminals for fast and accurate data management. The size of a modern cellular phone, this portable data terminal has all the options and capabilities you might expect from a data terminal.

  • PDL-20-4 with 512K on board and EL backlight with cable
  • PDL-20-8 with 1024K on board and EL backlight with cable
  • PDL-20-16 with 2048K on board and EL backlight with cable

    • Easy to use, pocket-sized handheld terminal
    • Up to 2MB S-RAM on board
    • Large battery capacity
    • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery for backup
    • Good for 24 hrs. operation after a full charge
    • RS-232 or IrDA communications port
    • STN 96 x 49 dot graphic type LCD display
    • Programmable firmware
    • Integrated Symbol SE-900 mini laser engine
    • Low power warning
    • Easy to use built-in program generator
    • Easy user defined Windows based task generator for a variety of applications

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