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• Dual-laser technology. Enables a 32-line scan pattern, 2,400 scans per second for lighting quick and accurate reads within a broadened scan field
• Z-SCAN technology. ZEBEX Proprietary real-time hardware decoding ensures instant recognition & decoding of 1D codes
• Strict IP54 standards. Durable, environment-resistant housing
• Barcode stitching. An applied logic for deciphering and rebuilding damaged and truncated barcodes, increasing first-pass reads and ensures high throughput
• Instant “objective-fly-by” automatic wake-up. Reduces power demand and extends scanner life as it “wake up” from automatic sleep mode when passed over a barcode
• Visual diagnostic blue LED. Provide enhanced user feedback of scan status
• Easy on-site configuration and upgradeability. Easy to set up and configure using either a Windows-based program or a barcode scanning-based guide; electronically erasable flash memory ensures simple on site upgrading
• RFID reader and optional built-in EAS antenna capable. Ready for fast-evolving retail market demand

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