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Fiskalni uredjaji
Termalni štampači
Digitalne vage
Platni terminali
Barkod skeneri
Dodatna oprema
Štampači etiketa
LP-50 LP-50
The LP-50 is a thermal label printer designed to print small-sized labels and graphics on ...
LP-1000 LP-1000
LP-1000 is a thermal label printer designed to print small sized labels and graphics on th...
DLP-621 DLP-621
DATECS DLP-621 is the first thermal transfer printer designed by our engineers. With its i...
POS štampači
EP-50 EP-50
The EP-50 is fully ESC / POS compatible printer and can be used in POS networks, kitchens,...
EP-60 EP-60
DATECS EP-60 is an ESC/POS printer with a wide variety of applications. DATECS EP-60 is de...
EP-300 EP-300
The newest DATECS ESC/POS printer designed for many commercial applications
EP-700 EP-700
ECS/POS Thermal printer
EP-1000 EP-1000
EP-2000 EP-2000
ECS/POS Thermal printer
CT-S4000 CT-S4000
ECS/POS Thermal printer
Mobilni štampači
CMP-10 CMP-10
Small and lightweight mobile thermal printer with IrDA.
DPP-250 DPP-250
DPP-250 is the latest in the series of DATECS mobile printers. It is one of the smallest a...
DPP-350 DPP-350
Mobile Thermal Printer
DPP-450 DPP-450
Small and lightweight mobile thermal printer with IrDA and Magnetic Card Reader
PP-60 PP-60
After the success and good acceptance of PP-50 from the world pda users and developers DAT...
BL-112II BL-112II
Can act as ECS/POS and Label Printer. Also support printing over thermo-transfer paper.

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